8 Tips On How To Start Ketosis Diet

8 Tips On How To Start Ketosis Diet

Welcome to the Ultimate Guide on how to start ketosis diet! You have come to the right article whether you’re new to ketosis diet or a hardcore veteran searching to learn new things. This guide will teach you how to start ketosis diet. Make sure that you check out our recommended custom keto diet (for more info click here).

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 how to start ketosis diet

The ketosis diet can be difficult to adhere to if you are afraid of fatty foods or are unable to significantly reduce your carb consumption. 

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What is ketosis

Ketosis is a metabolic condition where our body uses fat instead of carbs as a source of energy. It helps with weight loss, stamina, and alertness.

The ketosis diet main purpose is to induce ketosis. That is achieved  by severely restricting carb consumption rather than calories, though calories are often limited as a result of carb restriction. In the absence of carbohydrates, the body burns fat as a source of energy.

how to start ketosis diet

Increased energy levels and concentration, reduced appetite, and shifts in breath or urine odor are all signs of ketosis. You should check for ketosis with ketone testing kits or a blood meter if you want to be more precise (it is advised but it is not necessary).

The question how to start ketosis diet is usually followed by how long it takes to reach ketosis? The answer is that it usually takes around 3 days to reach ketosis after beginning a ketosis diet, but it requires a couple of weeks to burn fat successfully.

The advantages of the ketosis diet program are similar to those of low-carb diets in general but they are normally enhanced. The weight loss, concentration, mental clarity and energy levels that a ketosis diet can provide are impressive.

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How to start ketosis diet

It can be overwhelming to start a ketosis diet. I understand! I have been doing it for nearly 10 years (which proves it’s a long-term lifestyle! ), but it hasn’t always been simple.

How to start ketosis diet

Everybody has to start sometime. Don’t over think it, just start with the help of our how to start ketosis diet guide. You’ve got this! 

Easy steps on how to start ketosis diet

If you are about to make the switch to a high-fat, low-carb diet, here are 8 tips you should know to avoid problems and increase your chances of success on how to start ketosis diet.

1. Decrease your stress levels

Elevated levels of the stress hormone can raise blood sugar levels and make it difficult for the body to enter ketosis. You will want to put off starting a ketosis diet if your career or personal life is now more difficult than normal and try to start a ketosis diet when you are in a better state of mind.

how to start ketosis diet

Get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, and use relaxing exercises like meditation or yoga to help relieve stress.

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2. Know your foods and make the right choices when starting a ketosis diet

Be prepared that you will be seriously restricting carbohydrates if you stick to a ketosis diet meal plan. Start with 20 to 30 grams of carbs per day.

how to start ketosis diet

Know what foods are high in calories, high in fat, and high in protein so you can make informed decisions. Carbohydrates are used in a variety of foods, including rice, pasta, bread, some fruits and vegetables, ice cream etc. 

While beans are high in protein, they are also high in carbs. Carbohydrates are abundant in fruits and vegetables. Meat and fats, are the only foods that don’t include carbohydrates.

3. When asking your self how to start ketosis diet also ask your self about your relationship with fats.

Fatphobia exists and people have been taught that it would harm them if they eat fat. What’s perplexing is that today’s science is already conflicting.

According to various articles, some findings indicate that swapping saturated fat with unsaturated fats and cut off completely unhealthy trans fat is critical for reducing the risk of heart disease, whereas others claim that consumption of fat isn’t linked to cardiovascular problems. 

how to start ketosis diet

It’s important to recognize that food is more than a single ingredient, and the general nature of the diet is what matters the most.

Begin to make subtle changes to what you eat each day to brace for a ketosis diet, which may be unpleasant at first. Try eating a sandwich followed with lettuce leaves and vegetables instead of French fries.

Choose non starchy vegetables to accompany your lunch instead of pasta or rice. Increase the amount of oil used in your cooking, a very good example is olive oil or avocado oil.

Start realizing that old dieting practices, such as grilling a chicken breast without the skin because it is fatty, won’t work on a ketosis diet and you won’t get the right amount of fats that your body needs in order to convert them to energy.

Start gradually reducing carbohydrates and increasing fat intake. A ketosis diet would not work for you if you are scared of fat.

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4. Eat less carbs

This is the most crucial step of the guide! When starting a ketosis diet, stick to no more than 20 grams of net carbs each day.

The amount of carbohydrate reduction required to enter ketosis ranges from person to person and is influenced by a variety of factors, including whether you exercise or not.

how to start ketosis diet

Certain individuals might have to keep their net carbohydrate consumption under 20 grams per day, and others will get into ketosis by eating twice as much or more.

When wondering how to start ketosis diet, restricting your carbohydrate consumption to 20–50 net grams a day reduces blood sugar and insulin levels, allowing preserved fat in your body to be released and converted into ketones and as a result your body will enter a state of ketosis.

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5. Eat more fat

As mentioned before we’ve been told to be afraid of fat, but this isn’t true. Ketosis diet as well as other low carb diets  are rich in fat. Fat is both a supply of fuel and a source of fullness for us. The first thing to remember is that fat is a catalyst on ketosis diets.

how to start ketosis diet

Carbohydrates and protein remain stable, while fat is increased or decreased in order to gain weight or lose weight. So, if your aim is to lose weight, consume enough fat until you feel full and satisfied.

6. Drink more water

Drinking water is particularly important when following a ketosis diet. Why is that you may ask?

Ketosis diet has a diuretic effect on the human body, which is why water is so essential for your digestion and daily body functions.

You might feel dizzy and constipated if you don’t drink enough water, particularly when starting a ketosis diet.

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7. Replenish your electrolytes

Magnesium and sodium are the 2 main electrolytes in our bodies. Since ketosis diet decreases the amount of water stored in your body, electrolytes will be flushed out, leaving you with flue like symptoms, also known as keto flu.

That’s only temporary though, lasting from few days to couple of weeks depending on the person. Some people also use electrolyte supplements but it is advised to consult your doctor before using such supplements.

8. Acknowledge the fact that ketosis diet might not be the right diet for you

Now that more and more people want to learn how to start ketosis diet many keto hybrid diets, like vegetarian ketosis diets, poped up as a result of the popularity of ketosis diets. One of them is Ketotarian which is a plant-based ketosis diet.

how to start ketosis diet

Furthermore, there are medical problems which should make you reconsider starting ketosis diet, or at the very least, consult your doctor before doing so.

People taking insulin, as well as those taking other drugs for various medical condition such as medication for elevated blood sugar levels or high blood pressure, should also consult their doctor before starting a ketosis diet.

Last but not least, if you have any prior dietary limitations that force you to eliminate from your diet soy, eggs, nuts, cheese, milk, yogurt or seafood, a ketosis diet could be too restrictive for you. 

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How to start ketosis diet – closing thoughts

Ketosis diet a.k.a. ketogenic diet is a very effective diet that can help you achieve your weight loss goals fast and in a healthier and smarter way than other diets. 

Following a customized keto diet meal plan designed by professionals takes off all the hustle and lets you concentrate on your goal which is to lose weight and not figuring out or struggling to find what to eat next.

If you like the idea of a ketogenic diet and you are convinced to start, we highly recommend the custom keto diet meal plan and you can have your 7-day trial clicking the link below:

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