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the end of gout reviews
Product Name:The End of Gout
Author:Shelly Manning
Price:One-time fee of $49 (check for discount)
Money-Back Guarantee: 60-day 100% money-back guarantee
Availability:Only available online through the official website
Official website:Click Here

The End of Gout Reviews:

The end of gout PDF is an ebook published on Blue Heron Health News written by Shelly Manning. According to the author, the book aims at eliminating gout through natural remedies. Additionally, it doesn’t involve invasive procedures, drugs, or surgery.

The author claims it’s possible to reverse gout and related conditions in weeks using foods available in your local grocery store or supermarket. This end of gout review explores how the program within the author’s book help in eliminating grout entirely. To learn more about this book, its price, the author, and where to find it, continue reading this The End of Gout review.

What Is The End of Gout Program?

The end of the gout program is a book detailing information on dealing with gout through natural means, i.e., foods and beverages. According to the end of gout reviews, it has helped many live a gout-free life by simply consuming foods available in their local stores and supermarkets.

In addition, many testify that following the program correctly guarantees the permanent reversal of gout and its effects. Positive reviews from multiple customer reviews and testimonials have rendered the end of gout PDF one of the most effective guides for handling gout. That’s because it targets different information about the human body to address gout and related conditions.

For example, some claim to be cured within weeks of following this systematic guide. Note that there is no recognized treatment for gout, and as a result, information on the end of gout is controversial.

The end of gout program emphasizes living a gout-free life, which is possible regardless of the severity of your condition or the number of medications you are on. Spending $49 on this ebook is worth an investment of a lifetime, according to a majority of users.

About The Author of The End of Gout – Shelly Manning

Shelly manning is a health researcher and practitioner known for creating the end of gout program. Her work is known in the US and Europe, providing relief to various health conditions using natural remedies.

Shelly manning has been a natural health researcher for over three decades. Also, her books are known to have ties with Blue Heron Health News, a blog known to publish health and wellness books.

According to Blue Heron Health News, shelly Manning isn’t real but a pen name. Whether the company employs certified health practitioners or medical professionals is unclear.

On the sales page at the end of gout ebook, Shelly narrates how she cured herself of arthritis using natural remedies. She claims to have researched the best natural arthritis treatment and finally become arthritis-free.

Gout is a form of arthritis, and Shelly Manning believes anyone can live a gout-free lifestyle by following her treatment program. She also claims that living with this condition is a choice, not a sentence. That’s why she deems sharing this knowledge with the world a necessity.

What Should You Expect From The End of Gout Ebook

According to shelly, curing gout starts from your gut, which means, by targeting your gut’s health, you’ll be gradually getting rid of gout. Note that bacteria in your gut is responsible for dealing with gout-related inflammatory conditions.

The gut microbiome is the bacteria you’ll be targeting in your gut, and the good thing is it handles any inflammatory conditions within your body. According to Shelly, the microbiome also helps in processing uric acid.

The gut microbiome converts uric acid into a water-soluble substance known as allantoin, which your body can pass out easily. Generally, the end of gout shows you where to begin when treating gout. Therapy recommendations to expect from the end of gout include;

  • Advice on losing body weight: In treating gout with Shelly Manning, at the end of the gout PDF guide, you’ll notice differences In your body weight. However, this is according to customer reviews of those who’ve used the guide. Note that this book doesn’t market as a weight loss solution.
  • A one-week meal plan: Expect to bump into a 7-day plan in this ebook. In this meal plan, Shelly recommends a variety of ingredients and meal options. That way, you can decide what to eat while managing your gut’s health. Shelly says these food options and ingredients are a complete solution for eliminating gout.

Other information you’ll come across in this book includes;

  • Apart from gout, the guide also sheds light on information about other health conditions caused by gout.
  • It helps maintain blood pressure and the production of healthy amounts of cholesterol.
  • It provides a guide to dealing with cravings essential for maintaining a healthy appetite and lifestyle.

Contents of The End of Gout Ebook

If you want to get rid of gout, then the end of gout program is your best bet, according to Shelly Manning. The program employs simple techniques to slightly alter your diet and lifestyle to get rid of gout.

But what causes gout?

The book explains that toxic, dangerous bacteria in the intestines have a poor balance, leading to the production of excess uric acid. When this acid isn’t dispelled out of the body, it’s deposited in the joints leading to gout.

Shelly Manning also claims to have discovered the root cause of chronic gout, which for long has been dominated by false explanations by scientists and doctors. Sensing that people were misguided, she provides an in-depth guide on gout treatment and therapy options.

Shelly also points out that uric acid level is not the primary cause of gout. Instead, the primary cause of it is the inflammation and the bad bacteria causing it that are responsible for gout. Also, her guide aims at flushing this inflammation-causing bacteria out of the body.

According to Shelly, the program also aims at relieving gout-related inflammation pains. Remember, the program aims for major behavior alteration, tension, and eating habits. In the first two chapters, Shelly explores gout and the role of microbiome culture inside our intestines.

The treatment aspects using natural remedies are discussed in depth in the third chapter. Some of the treatment aspects include; reliable supplements, calming agents, etc.

The fourth chapter comprehensively explores ways of enjoying life with gout, for example, exercise, food, sleep, etc.

The final chapter is where the 7-day plan comes into the picture. So, to avoid gout, you must follow the one-week meal plan effectively. Some of the recommendations Shelly proposes include; supplements, special meals, etc.

Benefits of The End of Gout Program

The end of gout program doesn’t involve taking supplements or other medicines. It’s because Supplements and other chemicals mainly aim at treating gout symptoms and not eliminating the leading cause of gout.

However, this program focuses primarily on treating the root causes of gout’s symptoms. Following this program has astounding results with the following benefits:

  • Reduced risks of developing cancer.
  • You’ll be able to perform house chores normally.
  • It will significantly improve your gut health since your gut will be producing good bacteria, courtesy of the balanced diet you’ll be following.
  • Treating other inflammation diseases will be accessible through handling gout.
  • Improved immune system due to adoption of a healthy diet.
  • Complete elimination of gout or arthritis by removing the root cause of the gout problem.
  • The program doesn’t have any side effects since its design is organic-based.

What Science Has To Say About The End of Gout

Shelly manning claims that the book is a practical gout remedy guide. However, there isn’t scientific evidence or clinical trials to back this claim up.

According to science, there’s no cure for gout. Instead, doctors recommend therapies alongside drugs to address gout. On the other hand, scientists have found a link between gout and the gut.

Research conducted in 2016 in which individuals with and without gout participated to determine a link between the gut and gout. The findings indicated that those with gout had distinct gut bacteria from those without the condition.

Another research was conducted in 2020 to determine the role of gut flora in gout. The research was inconclusive, but scientists aim to evaluate the impact of gut flora on gout. They’ll try to target the gut flora to cure gout.

Conclusively, there isn’t sufficient evidence linking the gut and gout. In addition, there aren’t conclusive findings stating that targeting the guts bacteria can cure gout. But the two sides agree that there’s a link between the gut and gout.

Pros and Cons of Shelly Manning, The End of Gout Book

Even though this ebook seems to enjoy massive positive receptions, some are compelled to question its unconventional techniques of handling a serious condition like gout. Below is a highlight of its pros and cons.


  • The guide also gives tips on caring for your cardiovascular system, for example, maintaining your blood pressure levels. In addition, it aids the body in producing good cholesterol.
  • The book will help you lose weight while avoiding becoming obese or overweight. It will also help you manage your cravings and be more active.
  • The book aims to address the root cause of gout using natural remedies, cheaper than other costly alternatives recommended by doctors. Plus, it prevents any recurrence of gout-related conditions.
  • Since you’ll be following a healthy diet, it will significantly help maintain a healthy and robust immune system. Getting infections or diseases won’t be easy, courtesy of a healthy diet.


  • The program is only available as an ebook, and you have to purchase it online through the official website. Alternatively, if you want the paperback, prepare for printing expenses.

Is The End of Gout Scam or Legit?

Since this program is available as an ebook and can only be purchased online, some illegitimate vendors may try selling you a scam version. Note that it is essential purchasing it from the Blue Heron Health News official website. This is the only place you can be sure of purchasing a genuine copy and avoid being scammed.

In addition, gout patients who’ve applied the techniques outlined in the book have claimed to be 100% legitimate and stated that really helped them transform their lives. For example, in a testimonial, a man claimed to experience gout inflammation every month. After following Shelly Manning The End of Gout guide, he hasn’t experienced inflammatory gout pain for two years since then.

Thousands of people that have purchased this book haven’t made any negative customer reviews about what it has to offer. Instead, all customer reviews have been positive and had only good things to say about the end of gout program. The program has helped many people improve their overall health and well-being. For maximum benefits, Shelly Manning insists on following the 7-day meal plan.

The End Of Gout Reviews Customer Reviews and Complaints

So far, many positive customer reviews are showering this Blue Heron Health News book. Moreover, there are countless testimonies on how it’s changed different people’s gout life for the best.

So far, no customer who has purchased a genuine copy through the official website complained of any problems with the book.  

Pricing of Shelly Manning The End of Gout

The end of gout PDF is sold on the official website of Blue Heron Health News at a reasonable price. When buying the ebook, there aren’t subscription or renewal costs or medicines, equipment, and treatment expenses. All you have to pay is $49, and you have a gout solution for a lifetime.

Since the book is available in PDF, there aren’t any logistics costs. There aren’t consultation fees involved which makes this program a most affordable model than conventional treatment. Medical models also require regular medicine refills, which isn’t necessary for this program.

the end of gout reviews

How To Get The End of Gout PDF

As previously mentioned, you can only purchase the end of gout ebook from Blue Heron Health News’ official website. When purchasing the end of gout from the official website, you will have unlimited access to the ebook’s PDF version. In addition, your family members can also enjoy unlimited downloads. However, you’ll have to pay for printing costs if you need a physical version of the book, as previously mentioned.

The good thing is if you aren’t satisfied with the book’s result, you have up to 60 days from purchase time to return it and get a 100% refund.

Refund Policy of Shelly Manning The End of Gout

Each purchase of the end of gout program comes with an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can try the program risk-free for two whole months and if you are not 100% thrilled with the results you can contact the customer service team and request a full refund. No question asked.

With millions of people on earth, there will be someone that this program might not work. If you are in this minority you have 60 days to claim your refund following the below procedure:

  • Use the contact on the contact form from the official website to get in touch with the team.
  • After asking for a refund, their customer care team will walk you through the refund process within 24 hours. And within a few days, you will receive your money back.

The End of Gout Reviews Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Is The End of Gout Suitable For Individuals Over The Age of 55?

A: The program applies to everyone with an emphasis on lifestyle and diet habits, especially for aged people. Note that gout is a condition that mainly affects women past menopause and men aged between 30 and 50. However, it’s rare among young adults and children, but that doesn’t mean they’re clear from the danger. 

Q: Is The End of Gout Program Safe?

A: Since the program is all-natural, it is completely safe since it involves making easy and simple, healthier tweaks to your diet; however, if you have food allergies consult your doctor for the best alternatives. Plus, many people testify that the program has helped them live gout-free lives without changing their lifestyles.

Q: Can Blood Pressure Patients Benefit From The End of Gout?

A: The guide also aids blood pressure patients in managing their BP levels by advising on the best food to include in their diet alongside ideal exercise routines to keep fit.

Q: Can Tea Get Rid of Gout?

A: Tea and coffee are among the best low sugar beverages which are ideal for eliminating gout. On the other hand, sugar is a gout-inducing factor which is why sugar-free beverages are the best option.

Q: Should You Eliminate Proteins From Your Diet To Be Gout-Free?

A: A healthy diet is defined by all the necessary dietary components in your meal plan, including proteins. So eliminating protein from your diet is unnecessary. However, ensure your diet is balanced with each component in the right proportion following the end of gout ebook meal plan.

The End of Gout Reviews – Final Verdict

While medical remedies seem to worsen the process as you waste your money on consultations, meditation, and treatment, the end of gout program promises overall significant health improvement. The one-week meal plan is intuitive to follow. And the requirements on it are readily available and affordable.

The good thing is none of the users have testified of any side effects. Plus, it’s logical for this to be true since the remedies are all-natural. The guide gives information on the best foods to eat and foods to avoid.

If you’re obese or overweight, adopting the 7-day meal plan from this program and sticking with it will give you tremendous healthy weight loss benefits. In addition, the program can help you improve your gut health.

Remember, buying the book from Blue Heron Health News‘s official website guarantees you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the program’s results. But it has to be within two months from the time of purchase.

Conclusively this natural approach to handling gout has been proven to be more effective than the conventional medic approach. Testimonials and reviews from customers who’ve achieved the desired results should be enough to validate the program’s credibility.

Visit the official website and try the program risk-free for 60 days!

the end of gout reviews




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