Does Milk Thistle Help With Weight Loss?

does milk thistle help with weight loss
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Does milk thistle help with weight loss? Many people that are trying to lose weight are often looking for natural solutions that they can use for weight loss benefits. A top-rated natural solution that you may have heard of milk thistle weight loss.

Although many people are looking for a natural shortcut to losing weight, milk thistle is an all-natural product that seems to come up repeatedly in the health market and supplements for weight loss.

In this article, were going to explain a little more about what milk thistle is, the benefits of milk thistle, some natural products for weight loss that milk thistle is used, and how you can start using it now.

What Is Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle is also known as St. Mary’s thistle or Silybum marianum. It is growing worldwide, including in Asia, Africa, and Europe, and it’s known for its slender stem and spiny green leaves. The purple flowers that it produces are used for various beneficial medicine commonly cultivated for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

What Is In Milk Thistle?

Milk thistle extract carries many healthy nutrients, and it is excellent as a supplement for a variety of health issues. Adding milk thistle to your daily diet will ensure that you get a healthy amount of essential minerals, calcium, phosphorus, chloride, potassium, and more. Silybin is the primary chemical compound found in milk thistle seed and contains a small amount of Taxifolin, Isosilybin, and Silychristin.

Does Milk Thistle Help You Lose Weight?

Milk Thistle is found in a massive range of weight loss products today, and there is a small amount of evidence about its relation to weight loss. Studies have been completed on mice that suffer from obesity while taking regular milk thistle supplements.

Based on this study, it was shown that the animals could lose around 5% of their body mass by taking milk thistle regularly. Milk thistle is active in weight loss because it has heavy anti-oxidizing properties. The chemical makeup of milk thistle and regularly supplementing with milk thistle products can provide users with many improvements in their weight loss journey, especially alongside regular exercise and diet tracking.

Benefits of Milk Thistle Weight Loss

There are numerous benefits of milk thistle for your overall health. Milk thistle extract users will experience the following weight loss benefits:

Craving Assistance

Milk thistle can help people that regularly experience food cravings such as a craving fast food, fried food, or sugar. Milk thistle suppresses cravings because it works to balance the blood sugar meaning that you won’t have the ongoing cravings for sugars or unhealthy foods to replenish your blood sugar quickly. Milk thistle is excellent for inflammation and removing toxins. The natural insulin production from silymarin and other ingredients helps our bodies detox in an herbal remedy.

Promotes Better Digestion

Digestion can play a massive part in helping the body lose weight, and regularly supplementing with milk thistle will improve the stomach’s strength and help reduce problems with bloating. The powerful digestive agent and antioxidants found in milk thistle help to supercharge digestion and the craving to overeat because the digestion system will work properly.

Digestion support improves blood sugar levels, fights fatty liver disease, and delivers more milk thistle benefits. While supplementing with milk thistle the digestion system ensures that you do not crave other foods after being full.

Bloating Assistance

Weight gain is often associated with bloating. Through the antioxidant support of milk thistle, it is possible to strengthen the liver health and remove some of the bloating from the body. Suppose talking to regularly getting removed from the body with the powerful antioxidant it possible to cut out fat as well. Cutting down on bloating not only help people lose weight but also helps them to appear thinner too.

Cut Fat Quickly

Milk thistle is a fat cutter at its heart. If the digestion process is flowing, then a person will put on more fat. The use of Milk thistle will make sure that more of the calories that we ingest can get processed and that we are eating less as well. This will store less fat in our bodies and reduce the chance of weight gain. Those with insulin resistance or high cholesterol level can experience many benefits from treating their body with milk thistle extract.

Additional Health Benefits of Milk Thistle Use

Milk thistle offers several excellent advantages for our body as well. Milk thistle is good for your liver, It is commonly prescribed to prevent liver cirrhosis. It can prevent age-related decline in brain activity, and it can also help to improve cancer treatment.

Doctors also regularly prescribe milk thistles to enhance breast milk production and for patients that have osteoporosis to enhance the strength of bones. The milk thistle plant assists with liver damage, gallbladder health, hepatitis support, and the breakdown of toxins throughout the body.

How Much Milk Thistle Should I Take?

Most people supplementing with milk thistle will want to get 400 mg 3 times per day. The only time that you might want to reduce your dosage is if you have type 2 diabetes. Most diabetics should have the recommended dosage to ensure that they do not experience blood sugar issues. The reduced levels of milk thistle intake will help with insulin sensitivity and glucose levels.

What Is The Easiest Way To Take Milk Thistle?

The milk thistle is available in a wide range of supplements, including powders, tablets, capsules, and drops. Choose the best way for your needs and make sure that you are spacing your doses out at optimal times.

Most doctors would recommend taking your milk thistle alongside a fatty meal to ensure that it is absorbed fully. Depending on the nature of the supplement or dosage that you are taking, there could be additional benefits in the supplements you take that contain milk thistle too.

Dietary Supplements That Contain Milk Thistle

There are a plethora of dietary supplements available on the market today that use milk thistle. We have done our research and found the safest and most effective ones that we can safely recommend to our readers. These are:

Ikaria Lean Belly Juice

This weight loss powder contains milk thistle in its dosage. The juice is currently used regularly by over 500,000 people in the USA daily and is made of 100% natural ingredients to reduce belly fat.

does milk thistle help with weight loss

Outback Belly Burner

This elixir for weight loss contains milk thistle and is designed as a supplement to fight obesity. In developing Australia, the goal of the daily supplement was to produce a formula designed for people living in remote areas to improve nutrition. This belly burner comes with all of the tools you need to improve energy and enhance mitochondrial function.

does milk thistle help with weight loss

Steel Bite Pro

Steel Bite Pro also has the active ingredient of milk thistle. The product is designed as a dental supplement that reduces the risk of dental infections and fights plaque and tartar. If you want to improve your oral health alongside cutting weight, this is an excellent milk thistle supplement to choose.

does milk thistle help with weight loss

Wisdom Bible Based Herbal Blend

This is a natural supplement containing turmeric, anise, and milk thistle. The formula is designed from a popular series of biblical herbs known for their health benefits. Do choose organic farming. This is an all-natural supplement and one of a kind.

does milk thistle help with weight loss

Claritox Pro

This dietary supplement uses natural substances to combat vertigo symptoms. If you regularly suffer from dizziness or vertigo, this could be an excellent supplement containing milk thistle. This nutritional supplement claims to solve vertigo and offers plant-based nutrition support, including weight loss assistance.

does milk thistle help with weight loss

Are There Any Milk Thistle Side Effects?

Milk thistle did not produce any negative side effects for most people. Some of the common early side effects of milk thistle are a slight digestive system disturbance or nausea. This is often the adjustment to the digestion system, and it is usually quite temporary.

How To Start Using Milk Thistle?

Choose the ideal form of Milk Thistle that you would want to take regularly. Choose the type of supplement that works best for your lifestyle and may also work for the kind of symptoms you periodically experience.

If you’re already seeking support for better oral health or would like to improve your energy alongside cutting fat, choosing a supplement containing milk thistle and other beneficial ingredients will ensure that you are on the right path for exploring multiple benefits. Starting to use milk thistle or any supplement requires consistency.

To see the maximum benefits of using any natural product, you’ll need to stay on the supplement for at least one to three weeks before seeing the benefits. Most users of milk thistle report benefits and weight loss after roughly two weeks of regular supplementation.

Does Milk Thistle Use Help With Weight Loss – Conclusion

If you seek one of the best famous remedies used worldwide for its antioxidant properties, it could be wise to start supplementing using milk thistle. With thousands of people using milk thistle as a means to curb cravings, enhance digestion, and more, choosing milk thistle as a supplement on its own or choosing a supplement that contains milk thistle is an excellent way to improve your weight loss journey.

When you combine diet and exercise modifications with regular milk thistle use, you can see a massive improvement in your overall size and the weight you are losing on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in trying out milk thistle, try out some of the supplements that we have listed above, or check out your local health food store to find the best dosage for your routine.


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