Cacao Bliss Reviews – Does It Really Work Or Cheap Powder?

cacao bliss reviews
Product Name:Earth Echo Cacao Bliss
Category:Superfood Elixir Blend
Main Benefits:A superfood that is so incredibly healthy and rejuvenating to every cell in your body
Ingredients: Cacao, Turmeric, MCT Oil, Cinnamon, and many more
Container Quantity:Enough healthy chocolate for one month’s supply
Dosage:1 scoop per day
Best Results In:3-5 months
Side Effects:No side effects reported
Price:$59.95 per pouch
Money-Back Guarantee:60-day 100% money-back guarantee
Availability:Only available online through the official website
Official website:Click Here

Cacao Bliss Reviews:

Did you know that chocolate may be beneficial to your health? However, not in the manner in which most of us consume it. Modern processed chocolate is commonly viewed as a potentially harmful food, and it is recommended that you either avoid it altogether or limit your consumption if you are attempting to lose weight.

In contrast, the cacao bean, which serves as the raw ingredient for chocolate, is one of the world’s richest sources of antioxidants and has been shown to really benefit one’s health.

Cacao Bliss superfood was created by Danette May after learning about the health advantages of cacao. She wanted everyone to be able to enjoy chocolate without the adverse effects.

What is Cacao Bliss?

Chocolate is the most popular dessert on earth, and there is no other that comes close. A delicious and guilty delight for many individuals. While it is common to relate the choice to give up eating a certain food with the beginning of a diet, this does not always have to be the reality. Cacao Bliss chocolate drink is a completely unique and certified organic product that has never been seen before.

As opposed to other diet products, the Cacao Bliss chocolate drink was designed by fitness experts with a love for nutrition and superfoods. It is not a sugar-free imitation of chocolate. As it is more difficult to make ceremonial grade chocolate, it is more effective at preserving the health benefits of chocolate due to its natural preservation.

Consuming chocolate that has been handled differently and kept raw may provide substantial health benefits, and nothing could be more delectable while trying to stick to a diet.

Nowadays, the vast majority of products are packed with sugar, preservatives, and other substances, which eliminates all of the otherwise beneficial characteristics of the product. With the help of chocolate as a superfood, Cacao Bliss is able to revitalize every area of the body at the same time.

If you use it as a powder, you can include it in practically any dish, allowing desserts to become a regular part of your healthy diet if you so wish.

Cacao Bliss is only available for purchase online through the official website at the very affordable price of $53.95 per pack, and you can be certain of receiving high-quality ingredients and a genuine product at that price.

How Does Cacao Bliss Work?

Raw cacao, as per Danette May’s statement on the Cacao Bliss official website, is high in anandamide, which has been shown to improve emotions in certain people. Consuming raw cacao may bring forth sensations of pleasure, euphoria, joy, delight, and happiness in the body and mind.

Aside from that, cocoa has been shown to increase the synthesis of the “love hormone,” or oxytocin. Oxytocin is also known as the hug hormone, the moral molecule, or the cuddle chemical because of its ability to foster social behavior.

  • Cacao contains a combination of oxytocin and anandamide, which can:
  • Help you feel happy and in love with yourself and as well as others.
  • Help you Intensify your connections with people and improve your social abilities.
  • Enhance your moods by helping you feel ecstatic.
  • Boost your brain’s health to have greater memory and better control over your appetite.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep.

Who Is The Creator Cacao Bliss?

Before diving into the intricacies of this supplement, it may be beneficial to learn a little bit about the company that created it.

Danette May is a life coach as well as a motivational speaker who is well-known across the globe. Various books and guest posts have been written by and about her, and she has made several appearances on television and radio programs during the last ten years.

Having experienced personal obstacles in her own life, she was motivated to start assisting others in transforming their own lives by concentrating on repairing their bodies and minds. A substantial portion of this transition is built on proper food, modest exercise, and emotional grounding.

During her research, she came across the Rise Movement, which is dedicated to healing the planet by inspiring everybody to stand in truth and love themselves.

In other words, can someone who founded an international healing movement focusing on healing everyone on this planet have any knowledge of nutritional supplements? I guess we will find out.

Cacao Bliss Ingredients

cacao bliss reviews

Upon understanding more about cacao, we can already see that it may be used for a variety of purposes more than only as a delicious pleasure. Day after day, Danette May, a fitness trainer and health coach, is emphatic about the need of supplementing one’s diet with the most potent antioxidants one can find.

The Cacao Bliss supplement feeds our body with plenty of free radical fighting nutrition thanks to the high concentration of ORAC antioxidants. Additionally, the raw cacao powder in Cacao Bliss superfood is extremely dense in cocoa flavanols, a specific sort of healthful chocolate extract which is revealed as being extremely beneficial for supporting a healthy gut to the brain, as well as blood sugar and blood flow.

All of Cacao Bliss’ products are designed to do just that: provide the body with incredibly tasty chocolate cacao powder while also promoting the body’s ideal natural inflammatory response through healthy cell-signaling cascades.

Danette May is particularly interested in the Love Drug, which works by filling the brain with naturally produced chemicals such as anandamide, serotonin, phenethylamine, theobromine, etc.

Continue reading this review to find out more about the Cacao Bliss ingredients, as well as the potential impact that each one may have on your overall health:


It should go without saying that cacao is at the forefront of the Cacao Bliss formula. Danette May came upon this chocolate while visiting Costa Rica, where she learned that it is been enjoyed by many cultures for centuries, including the Incas, Mayans, among others, and that it is made from cacao beans. Despite the fact that ancient cultures thought that the raw form of the plant may evoke certain powers, it only began to gain popularity in Europe around the seventeenth century.

The tribes claim that the use of cacao can help them achieve greater mental and physical clarity. According to legend, Hernando Cortes, a Spanish conqueror, even turned cacao into a drink, which he said could assist with exhaustion and even satisfy one’s hunger for the whole day. Danette was motivated by a history that was as fascinating and complex as the flavor itself, and she set out to make the product widely available to the general public.

The main reason why cacao is so powerful is because of the naturally occurring anandamide that it has in its leaves. This “bliss molecule” is accountable for boosting the person’s mood as a result of the use of the product. The one and only ingredient in the whole world that has a high enough concentration to accomplish similar results is black truffle mushrooms, which are considerably more costly than the majority of consumers are willing to pay for their products. Cacao, on the other hand, is quite inexpensive.

While consumers drink Cacao Bliss, they will also naturally boost the production of oxytocin in their bodies, which will help them to feel calmer. Because of this manufacturing process and the addition of anandamide, users may relax while also elevating their spirits. Several studies have shown that the consumption of cacao can make people feel more loving and happier.


Cacao Bliss also contains Magnesium which is essential for almost every part of your body. It is important for brain health, sleep, muscles relaxation, heart health, and many other functions. It regulates various mental processes and keeps the brain’s neurotransmitters from getting weaker.


Also naturally found in cacao, flavanols provide antioxidants that can be used to improve your health. Cacao Bliss’ primary function is to be both a probiotic and a prebiotic, which will help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). To absorb nutrients and avoid discomfort, the gut requires a certain amount of bacteria. Consuming this CacaoBliss remedy regularly can help improve your overall health and reduce blood sugar levels by around 30%.


Turmeric may be used to enhance the flavor of chocolate and other compounds. Although turmeric is often used in Indian cuisine, it is also well-known for its ability to decrease inflammation and provide pain relief for those suffering from joint issues. Although it is practically impossible to include enough turmeric in a dish, it can be found in supplements that may assist boost the health of your cells while also providing a mood lift comparable to that provided by chocolate.

There have been hundreds of studies that have supported the use of turmeric to alleviate inflammation in the body. As of right now, it is one of the most widely used ingredients in the world. By adding Turmeric to Cacao Bliss users can experience a powerful combination of superfoods in one single serving.


MCT Oil is one more very important ingredient in the cacao Bliss formula. With the help of this healthy oil, individuals can maintain control over their weight while also supporting greater weight loss effectiveness throughout exercise routines. The naturally occurring healthy fats assist consumers in burning more calories. It helps to increase energy levels and may be easily metabolized by the liver during the digestive process. Additionally, this ingredient aids in the suppression of hunger, allowing the body to consume fewer calories as a result of the decrease in appetite.


Cacao Bliss supplement contains cinnamon, which aids in the metabolism of sugar and supports the body’s capacity to produce glucose. Cinnamon helps to preserve a healthy blood sugar level and maintains it within safe levels on a daily basis. Having healthy blood sugar levels enables you to control your weight since the human body stores additional fat when the blood sugar level is elevated.


One more ingredient in Cacao Bliss is Mesquite. Mesquite is a superfood that has a sweet and nutty flavor. It can help you strengthen the immune system and it does not trigger abnormal blood sugar spikes.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Himalayan salt is a rock salt (halite) extracted in Pakistan’s Punjab province and comes with numerous health benefits. A pinch of Himalayan salt balances your pH levels and keeps everything within proportion.


Piperine is primarily recognized for its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, it is the main ingredient responsible for black pepper’s characteristic scent and taste. Piperine is often utilized to promote health results in a variety of supplements incorporating turmeric or curcumin. Piperine has been shown in studies to be beneficial for a variety of digestive disorders, weight loss, and even headache treatment.

Monk Fruit Extract

Monk Fruit Extract is an alternative to sugar and it has been used as such for many years. While it is far sweeter than regular sugar, it has significantly fewer calories and is not likely to give you any problems regarding your blood sugar levels. It is one of the primary ingredients in the Cacao Bliss blend, giving it a sweet taste and assisting the user in satisfying his/her sugar cravings.


Similar to monk fruit, Lucuma has a sweet taste and is also an alternative to sugar that enhances taste without adding calories. Additionally, it includes valuable antioxidants that might help users’ overall health and well-being.

Benefits of Earth Echo Cacao Bliss Reviews

Cacao Bliss supplement may not only allow you to indulge in guilt-free foods, but it can also have positive effects on your health. Although results from person to person can vary, here are some benefits of taking it:

Increased Weight Loss

Several of the CacaoBliss ingredients have been shown to aid in weight loss. This supplement is great for both those trying to lose weight and those who are trying to maintain their existing weight.

Boosted Energy Levels

When attempting to reduce their weight, several individuals face constant fatigue and weakness. Danette May’s Cacao Bliss nutritional supplement improves your energy levels, keeping you energetic and motivated throughout the day.

Increased Performance

A boost in energy means that users are more likely to be focused and vigilant. This can lead to better academic or work performance.

Supports Your Heart Health

Several studies conducted on cacao have shown that it can support your heart health, lower the chance of developing heart problems, and safeguard your cardiovascular system again a heart attack.

Better Sleep Quality

Sleep is crucial for your health! Poor sleep has been associated with weight gain and obesity. By using the Cacao Bliss supplement users can improve their sleep quality.

Chronic Disease Prevention

Each Cacao Bliss ingredient is very effective and has numerous health benefits. As a result, combining them is even more effective and may dramatically reduce the risk of acquiring a variety of ailments such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, and many types of cancer.

A Stress-Free Lifestyle

People who have difficulty adapting to a healthier lifestyle are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. In addition, people who eat comfort foods like chocolate to relax are the ones who are most prone to going back to sugary foods. Thankfully, the Cacao Bliss supplement can serve all of these needs without increasing your regular calorie intake.

Pros and Cons of Cacao Bliss Reviews


  • It is very easy to mix with your drinks and has a great chocolate flavor.
  • Excellent for resolving sugar cravings.
  • Organic and nutrient-dense.
  • 100% USDA certified organic.
  • Vegan, vegetarian, paleo, keto friendly
  • Dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • 100% guilt-free!
  • Offers discounted prices on all packages, especially for subscriptions.
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • It is only available for purchase online through the official website.
  • Although single packages are a little expensive, multi-packs and subscriptions are very affordable.

Cacao Bliss Dosage

The recommended Cacao Bliss dosage is to mix one scoop of the formula with your favorite beverage or add it to your favorite recipes and desserts.

By reading our thorough review you’re aware of Cacao Bliss’s health advantages, and now you’re probably wondering how to include it into your diet?

All purchases placed on Danette’s official website include a complimentary digital cookbook with hundreds of recipes for delicious, healthful, and quick desserts made with Cacao Bliss.

Healthy delicious brownies, cacao energy bites, and low-sugar chocolate cakes are just a few of these dishes. Additionally, this superfood combination may be served as a cup of delicious and comforting hot chocolate for a cozy night in.

Pricing of Cacao Bliss Supplement

The Cacao Bliss supplement is only available for purchase through the official website. CacaoBliss users will have the choice of either making a one-time payment or signing up for a monthly subscription.

A single pouch of Cacao Bliss will cost you $59.95 as a one-time payment, but if you decide to subscribe you can reduce the cost down to $53.95 for each pack. You subscribe once and it will be delivered straight to your doorstep hassle-free every single month.

The purchasing options available are:

  • Individual Package: 1 pouch of Cacao Bliss for $59.95 as a one-time payment or $53.95 as a monthly subscription service.
  • Chocolate Lovers Package: 3 pouches of Cacao Bliss for $149.95 ($49.98 per pouch).
  • Family Package: 5 pouches (Buy 4 Get 1 FREE) of Cacao Bliss for $199.95 ( ($39.99 per pouch).
cacao bliss reviews

Cacao Bliss Free Bonuses

Each Cacao Bliss supplement comes with two additional free bonuses for every user to enjoy. These are:

Free Bonus 1: Cacao Lovers Cookbook

Cacao Bliss users will be granted access to a variety of guides and tutorials that will teach them how to utilize cacao powder to create a variety of sweet treats.

cacao bliss reviews

Free Bonus 2: Cacao Meditations

The Cacao Meditation is available for download as audio files and complements the recipes included in Cacao Lovers Cookbook perfectly.

cacao bliss reviews

Refund Policy of Cacao Bliss Review

Each purchase of the Cacao bliss dietary supplement comes with an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can try the product risk-free for 60 days and if for any reason you don’t like it you can contact the customer service team and request a full refund. No questions asked. You can even keep the opened pouches of Cacao Bliss!

For any questions or concerns regarding the product, you can contact the company directly at:

Cacao Bliss Review – Final Verdict

As we discovered in our Earth Echo Food Cacao Bliss review, this product is much more than raw cacao powder. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of ordinary cocoa are enhanced by the addition of these Cocoa Bliss ingredients. Therefore, if you’re seeking an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement, you’re getting a great deal on a potent product.

You’ve come to the right place whether you’re looking for a natural solution for weight loss, to eliminate depression and anxiety once and for all, or simply need a mood booster.

This is the finest and most natural kind of cocoa powder available.

Visit the official Cacao Bliss website and try the product risk-free for 60 days!

cacao bliss reviews




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