Best EMF Blocker For Home – The Ultimate Guide

emf blocker for home

Best EMF Blocker For Home

Over the last few decades, the world has tilted to the technological sphere and with this sphere comes its issues, a major one being electromagnetic frequency. With the advent of diverse technological products ranging from phones, tablets, and laptops to even the microwave, electromagnetic frequencies are emitted by our electronic devices and they affect our health and energy in diverse ways. 

This article focuses on the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation in our homes, ways to block these frequencies to the barest minimum, and even the recommended products to use in blocking these frequencies and restoring health to perfection. A lot of people have moved to new homes, with high frequencies, exposed to these radiations, and fallen sick due to the radiations. 

These sicknesses range from effects on the central nervous system, neurological disorders, and diseases, immune dysfunctions, hypersensitivity to electromagnetic devices, diverse cognitive effects, and organ damage to even genetic damage.

Over time, people have attributed these diseases to other causes, treated them, and ended up with these recurrent health issues due to the hidden fact that they have been exposed to high levels of EMF radiation. 

In science classes, from the early stages, students are taught about the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation and even been told to reduce exposure to it, hence, the use of lead blocks radiations of certain types.

Students are even taught the relationship between these frequencies and earthing at home, yet, the most important part of the discussion is oftentimes forgotten: the hidden emitters of electromagnetic frequency in the homes, from the televisions, the phones, computers, microwaves, and electric cookers to the wirings and even hair dryers. 

These devices can all build up to increase electromagnetic frequencies to harmful amounts for exposed individuals. Since they can’t be avoided as they make life easier, It is, therefore, important to have an EMF shielding device for home so you can be able to protect your home which is the resting haven from these frequencies to ensure good health.

First, let’s get right into the basics and understand the concept of electromagnetic frequency and radiation.

The Concept of Electromagnetic Frequency

The waves of energy usually emitted by electronic and technological devices are called electromagnetic frequency. Although they can’t be seen with a naked eye as they are quite invisible, they are present and can have harmful health effects. However, these frequencies aren’t only emitted by electronic devices, they are also emitted by a range of other things, the biggest being the Sun. 

Sunscreens are cosmetic products produced to protect people from the rays of the sun; science also proves that the melanin pigment of the skin protects it from harmful rays of the sun.

Imagine the sun which is billions of miles away from the earth yet the body develops mechanisms to protect its outer cover from these frequencies and rays, now imagine what happens when these frequencies are emitted by devices all around. That’s the concept of electromagnetic frequency.

Depending on these frequencies, there are two broad groups of electromagnetic frequency:

  • Low-frequency electromagnetic frequency: This is the non-ionizing radiation that is said to be harmless to the body since it is mild. It is emitted by home appliances like washing machines, microwaves, cellphones, power lines, electric wiring, and even magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI ) equipment. They are emitted by both natural and man-made sources. An example of a natural source is the earth’s magnetic field. The man-made sources are divided into two: Extremely Low-Frequency EMFs are emitted from common personal appliances like electric blankets and shavers. Power lines fall under this category. Like its name, Radiofrequency radiation is usually emitted from radio and wireless devices. This is the category that homes cell phones, laptops, MRI equipment, satellites, e.t.c. Low energy radiations are usually from infrared, visible light, and radiofrequency radiation. These radiations only excite the atoms of the body and are therefore not considered dangerous.
  • High-frequency Electromagnetic frequency: These are the popular ones that are often talked about as they produce ionizing radiation that can be very harmful to the DNA and cells. Some can even lead to a genetic mutation.  Medical equipment used for X-rays and CT scans falls under this category, albeit in low amounts. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun and tanning beds also falls in this category. High energy radiations are usually from X-rays, Gamma rays, and Ultraviolet rays.

It is apparent that as humans, we do not get exposed to X-rays, and tanning beds every day and are millions of miles away from the earth, but exposure to these low-frequency EMFs is not negligible, as their sources are common things that we are in contact with every day.

Medical cases have shown that, although mild, these low-frequency EMFs can cause significant damage in the body, in higher quantities than acceptable.

Side Effects of EMF Exposure

Because these low-frequency EMFs are considered safe, enough research is not being done to detect the effect of long-term exposure which isn’t detected over time. Also, since the frequency is low, emphasis isn’t placed on it. 

However, studies have shown that certain organs are more vulnerable to EMF radiation exposure than others; there is a strong link between weak eyesight and regular use of the computer or phone as studies have shown improvement in eyesight as a result of a decrease in screen time. Also, the accompanying headache and migraine associated with too much screen time are referred to. 

Although there are various links between low-frequency EMFs and various symptoms including cancer, the scientific community believes that the connection is loose and more research should be done, focusing more on EMFs.

Already, in the carcinogens groups, low-frequency EMFs are classified as Group 2B, which are possible carcinogens although several practitioners have talked over its placement there instead of being in the group of definite carcinogens. Yet, the scientific evidence is at best loose and still needs more research. 

While these researches on the link between low-frequency EMFs, cancer, and childhood leukemia are in work, researches are also tilted toward the associated neurological effects and degradation of cognitive abilities over time.

There are certain common brain-associated symptoms often felt by people exposed to low-frequency EMFs that are not attributed to a specific syndrome, they include headaches, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, and tremors.

In the incoming years, studies will reveal the results of these ongoing researches, but it is not advisable to wait for conclusive results before deciding to protect oneself from these frequencies. These minor issues might grow to become long-term health risks, hence, it is of great necessity to be protected. One way to get started is the determination of the home’s EMF levels and therefore employ an EMF neutralizer for home.

How To Determine The Home’s EMF Levels

The determination of EMF radiation levels is very easy and can be done with the aid of an EMF radiation meter or EMF radiation detector. Acceptable levels are in the range of 1000mG. Any level above this should indicate an urgency to reduce the levels of EMFs.

However, it is not just enough to know the EMF levels, it is important to shield your home from EMF radiation and have the best whole house EMF protection possible.

These eight ways can help protect and shield your home from EMF radiation as well as act as the best whole house EMF protection:

1. Reduce Screen Time and Maintain Distance While At It

An effective EMF blocker for home is limiting the amount of time spent on these devices. This is one of the easiest ways to protect the home from EMF radiation.

A lot of evidence suggests long-term exposure as a major cause of the increase in EMFs, so it’s only advisable to reduce the use of these devices to prevent the various risks attached. It is essential to reduce the amount of time watching TV or using the phone. 

Although modern designs of TVs ( LCD ) are now being made to produce lower amounts of magnetic and electric fields while watching TV, maintain a safe distance away from the TV screen. People who watch TV a lot, at a distance of or less than 3ft often complain of poor eyesight.

It is therefore essential to keep a distance of at least 6ft away from the TV screens while using it. That way, the home can be protected from EMF radiation for better physical and mental health.

It is also safer to remove the smart meter from your home or cover it. Also, cases should be used with phones and tablets.

2. Use of Anti-glare Glasses While on the Computer

Another EMF blocker for home is Anti-glare glasses. Anti-glare glasses have become so popular these days because of their ability to reduce glare which is intense light.

Often used by people who work remotely, it is also called computer glasses or blue-light glasses as these glasses help in filtering the wavelength of the blue light part of the spectrum from the light emitted from the screen.

These glasses work by blocking out UV rays emitted by the screens, and improving health since these rays are very dangerous.

It has been reiterated that the eyes are very vulnerable to EMFs, so it is imperative to use these blue-light glasses when long screen hours are important.

3. Less Time Spent Wireless

Bluetooth is one of the major contributors to low-frequency EMFs. It is advisable to plug in devices if possible instead of connecting them to the wireless network. To shield your home from high levels of EMFs, use the inbuilt device speaker instead of a wireless one, especially if you are not moving away from that location.

The best EMF blocker for home is these actions performed to decrease the levels exposed. It is better to connect headphones to devices, instead of wireless speakers as the lesser Bluetooth devices in use at a location, the lower the EMFs emitted. 

Although wireless devices are often regulated by the government and only those within safety levels are commissioned for public release, it is safer to check the specifications of these devices before purchase. The government also reserves the right to stop the use of a product if it’s considered to have harmful effects, regardless of these safe levels.

Careful monitoring of the use of networks and systems can serve as one of the best EMF protection for home.

Also, the flight mode on your phone should be switched on when necessary to reduce radiation levels.

4. Increase in Distance Between Charging Booth and your Home

Although it is advisable to keep your hands off cell phones and computers as much as possible, it is impossible to avoid using them. But, one thing that can be avoided easily is the charging zones where these devices are charged. This also can be a great strategy for EMF blocker for home.

Each day, we spend a lot of time in our rooms, hence, the zones used in charging electrical appliances must be spent less time. Charging spots should be strategically placed at those locations where less time is spent. This serves as the best whole house EMF protection.

It is also important to keep these devices away while sleeping. It is safer to keep the phone in another room while sleeping to reduce the amount of time spent with it.

In summary, keeping distance from the charging zones would reduce the amount of time these electrical devices are used or nearby.

5. Turning Off The WiFi Router at Night

The world is going wireless and we can’t totally avoid wireless connection; in the upcoming years, most devices would depend on WiFi. Despite this, it is still necessary to reduce the use as much as possible. This is where turning off the WiFi router when it isn’t needed comes in. Since wifi isn’t needed while sleeping, it is best to turn the router off during sleeping hours or regularly at night.

6. Use of Crystals Which Act as EMF Blocker for Home

Certain crystals are used to block electromagnetic radiation in the home. These crystals serve as EMF protectors and shield the home from EMF radiation while also blocking the frequencies. One of the crystals used is Shungite.

Large volumes of these crystals can be placed beside devices and appliances that emit EMFs to block their radiation and further protect the home. They can also be placed strategically over different places in our home.

7. Protection of Devices from EMFs

There is a lot of variety of EMF neutralizer for home that are sold right now. These EMF protection products can be used to block out the EMF radiation. Some EMF protection products come as small discs placed on the back of these devices while others come as stickers.

When an EMF blocker for home is used alongside electrical devices and home appliances like microwaves, it reduces the EMF radiation, even when the device is in use.

8. The EMF Pendant Necklace From

The EMF Pendant Necklace is the best EMF blocker for home and we highly recommend it. The EMF Pendant Necklace is a defense mechanism against EMF radiation designed in the form of a necklace. This defense is a technological advancement designed as a small piece of the pendant to harmonize energy waves that are around the body. 

This EMF shielding device for home has three layers: two layers of stainless steel plates separated by a middle layer. This middle layer consists of 36 minerals, 10,000 negative ions, and black tourmaline. The negative ions will cancel out the positive ions from the frequencies, thereby balancing the electric field in the body.

The EMF Pendant Necklace serves as a permanent solution and also as an EMF shielding device for home since the minerals inside the layers work and shield you from EMF radiation permanently, so, it can be used as an EMF neutralizer for home over many years.

Since we can’t always protect ourselves from these emitters, this defense pendant is recommended as the final solution. It is fashionable and can be worn as a fashion item while doubling as a defense against EMF radiation anywhere you go.

Other ways to block EMF radiation in the home are:

  • Never place your computer on your lap.
  • While calling, use the phone’s speaker instead of placing it directly over the ear.
emf blocker for home

Best EMF Blocker for Home Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Block EMF In My House? 

A: All the methods mentioned in this article can help block EMF effectively and can work as best whole house EMF protection. Any of these methods can be used, but the EMF Pendant Necklace is the one that we highly recommend as the best EMF blocker for home.

Q: What Material Can Block EMF?

A: Materials commonly used as an Emf shielding device for home are copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, carbon steel, e.t.c. 

Q: How Can I Control Radiation In My Home?

A: There is no one answer to this question as every person’s biochemistry is different, and each house may have subtle differences in EMF radiation levels. However, any of the methods listed in this article can effectively work as an EMF blocker for home. Try them out!

Q: Can a Magnet Block EMF?

A: No, magnets do not naturally block EMF radiation. Nevertheless, some metals that are effective as an EMF blocker for home may also be magnetized.

To provide yet another illustration of this, picture the magnets that most of us have on our fridge. If we examine how effectively they work as an EMF blocker for home, we will see that they don’t make much of a difference, and they may even raise the measurements from your EMF meter. 

Because of their primary composition of plastic and rubber, refrigerator magnets are not very effective in shielding the home from electromagnetic fields (EMF). In order to create the “magnet” element of the device, magnetized iron shavings or iron dust are combined with a rubber compound.

Therefore, the majority of them are constructed of plastic or rubber, neither of which significantly reduces the amount of electromagnetic field emission.

Best Emf Blocker For Home – Conclusion

There are various ways to reduce exposure to the frequency of electromagnetic radiation. While scientific evidence might not be conclusive about low-frequency EMF radiation effects at the moment, it is better to be safe since the world is relying on technology more each day.


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