The Lost Superfoods Book Reviews (Art Rude) 126 Forgotten Survival Foods

the lost superfoods book reviews
Product Name:The Lost Superfoods Book
Author:Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis, Fred Dwight
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The Lost Superfoods Book Reviews:

The lost superfoods book includes over 270 pages that contain various foods you could stockpile with your entire family over a year without requiring refrigeration. As per the author of the book, it is claimed to contain recipes for foods that can last a long time without having to use the modern means of preservation.

Who is the author of the lost superfoods book?

Are the recipes found in the book and the preservation practices sustainable?

Continue reading the lost superfoods book review to learn everything you need to know about the product so you can make an informed decision.

What Is The Lost Superfoods Book?

The Lost Superfoods book is a book written by Art Rude in which people are given knowledge of more than 126 forgotten survival foods, and storage methods, regardless of whether or not they are able to cook or have any prior survival stockpile experience. According to the author, the purpose of this book is to fortify as many American homes as possible with the essentials that will provide long lasting foods for surviving a local disaster such as a hurricane or a global crisis like COVID-19, among other things.

One of the things that caught our eye in this book was the fact that most of the recipes do not need refrigeration or pricey ingredients. While it’s easy to presume the latter suggests junk food, Art claims that these meals are really rather healthful! People can view The Lost SuperFoods book as alternatives to the foods that were consumed during the Cold War.

How Does The Lost Superfoods Book Work?

In many ways, The Lost Superfoods book serves as a survival guide, and it does it very well. The book includes clear, simple, and accurate step-by-step instructions for creating superfoods that can be stored for an extended period of time without refrigeration or electricity. Also included in this book are the precise nutritional values for each food item you include in the meal, so you can determine how many nutrients your body is receiving and how many nutrients it still needs.

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About Art Rude The Author of The Lost Super Foods Book

The Lost Superfood is the result of Art Rude’s meticulous research and findings of human history, as well as the information he has gathered through maintaining in constant touch with survival specialists from all around the globe.

Art Rude is a retired college mathematics teacher, a family man, and also a prepper. Since he is a father and a grandfather, he is always concerned with keeping his loved ones safe from any natural disaster that might happen.

Art Rude believes that we all are much more vulnerable today, compared to the previous generations. This mainly applies when it comes to the food we consume.

Art Rude gives the readers in-depth knowledge of specific superfoods including how the history of food, how the food is prepared, and methods you can use to preserve the food.

In addition, each of the superfoods contained comes with a full list of every ingredient as well as a simple cooking procedure that is very easy to be followed by anyone.

What Is Included In The Lost Superfoods Book?

Here is just a small overview of what you should expect to find in The Lost SuperFoods book:

-It contains long-lasting foods that you are able to store without the need for refrigeration.

The Lost Survival Food book is very organized such that any person, even those who lack any stockpiling or cooking experience can use it to their benefit.

Every aspect has been explained in a precise and clear step-by-step fashion, by the use of colored pictures and instructions that are easy to follow.

Now let us take a deep dive into the contents of the book:

How To Make The US Doomsday Ration at Home

You are going to discover how you could prepare your own U.S secret military superfood that had previously been developed back during the Cold War and was supposed to feed the entire US population even during the harshest conditions.

The US government invested millions of dollars in this method but it is super cheap to recreate. As it was largely known, the Doomsday Ration was able to keep an adult fed adequately for $0.37/day.

The ONE Superfood That Saved Leningrad during the WW2 Siege That You Should Add to Your Stockpile

Next, you are going to discover one of those foods that were able to keep several people fed adequately during the Leningrad siege while there was famine all over the city. The food is a forgotten European dish that traces back to the times when people were required to be creative about food preservation.

The Forgotten Shelf Stable Food You Need for Healthy and Vital Fats

This superfood can provide you with all of the nutritious and important fats your body needs in a crisis-and it does so without the need for refrigeration, so it will remain fresh for at least one year!

Because it is high in butyric acid, it will also assist you in absorbing the optimum amount of nutrients from any other meal by preserving your gut lining and allowing you to prolong your food store to its fullest capacity.

You will also learn how to exploit this long-forgotten superfood to transform a plain bag of potatoes into one of the most healthy and affordable crisis dinners ever!

After weeks of avalanche destruction, this method rescued a whole community of Swedish farmers back in 1869 when massive avalanches closed off their only way back to the community.

The Great Depression Food that Saved America

The next superfood you are going to discover saved the United States of America from starving during the height of the great depression. Additionally, it is the best-tasting survival food you will ever taste. It is capable of lasting up to 2 years without any refrigeration. You can also use its lard for cooking, treating burns, making soap, or can also be used as an added fat source whenever it is required.

The Long-Lasting Bread of the 1800s

You are also going to discover a long-lasting bread that the Cree Tribe of Canada developed when they were faced with starvation after all buffaloes were hunted to extinction.

To make this meal, all that is required from you are four common ingredients and half an hour of cooking. This tasty bread has all of the calories you’ll need to add energy-boosting carbohydrates to your emergency regimen.

A Food Miracle from the Civil War That You Can Add to Your Pantry

You are also going to identify one food that was able to save up the lives of Americans during the civil war. Interestingly, it is not hardtack, despite the fact that it is probably just as long-lasting!

The Cheese Preservation Secret That can Keep It Good at Room Temperature

You will also learn how to keep practically any type of cheese fresh for a long period of time at room temperature. Cheese has been around for a very long time- even before refrigeration was invented.

However, it was the Dutch of Alkmaar who invented the perfect way the cheese could be stored in the pantry for more than 2 years.

The Long-Lasting Probiotic that Fueled the Greatest Conquests of The Golden Horde

You are also going to know the superfood that aided the Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan to march in war all the way to Vienna. Besides being effective in preventing nutrient deficiencies, the food is also among the best natural probiotic you could get.

How to get 295 Pounds of Extra Food for just $5 a Week

You are also going to discover a simple but ingenious system that could allow any person to save more than 295 pounds of good food every year while spending less than $5 each week.

It’s particularly beneficial if you’re already trying to come up with the cash to invest in a long-term food stockpile plan.

The Ottoman’s Empire Shelf-Stable Meat (“Coated Meat”)

A recipe of the coated meat is also given that fuelled the Ottoman Empire’s conquests for many centuries and protected them from facing starvation even when the scorched earth policy was used against them.

The Fermented Soup – The Long-Lasting Soup That Should be In Every Stockpile

You are also going to learn how to make the fermented soup used by Turkey citizens for survival when their crops failed for almost three years in a row. The food is known as Tarhana, and unlike any ordinary soup, it is going to stay good for years since the fermentation process eliminates all dangerous bacteria. The soup is also a great source of B vitamins.

The Only Superfood Ninjas Would Live off For Months on End

You are going to learn how the lost Ninja Superfood is made. On their secret operations that lasted for more than a month, where fresh food and drinking water were difficult to obtain, this one ensured that elite assassins were properly fed.

The recipe is known by extremely few people in the world. However, every needed ingredient could be procured easily in America.

The Pocket Soup That Saved the Lewis and Clark Expedition

You will find out how the portable soup was used to save Clark and Lewis on their iconic expedition across the unchartered US territory.

The Viking Superfood They Stockpiled On Their Longboats Because It Didn’t Spoil For Over 3 Years

The first Viking explorers lived on this food after crossing the Atlantic and discovered North America close to 500 years before Christopher Columbus.

How to Make Bark Bread from a Tree that Grows on Almost Every Street in America

You are also going to learn how peeling of the bark of this tree, found everywhere in America, will save you from starving.

Frumenty – The Food That Saved Europe During the Black Plague

You will learn the recipe required for the survival food that was able to save the Europeans during the Dark Era. Many people are said to have endured because the essential nutrients found in this recipe shielded their bodies and allowed them to survive. The ingredients required to prepare it, such as dried wheat berries last a very long period in your cellar or pantry.

The Ingenious Method Used By The Brits To Preserve Eggs When Air Raids Took Out Their Power In 1941 (Works For Up to 10 Years)

You will also find out how the Brits preserved their stockpiled eggs from going bad after the Nazi bombs took out the power in most cities.

The Protein-Packed “Super-Soup” of The Kanienkehaka-Iroquois Tribe

You will learn the recipe used for the preparation of the amazing soup, very rich in protein, where the Kanienkehaka- Iroquois tribe invented by use of their three sacred plants. By using their polyculture technique, you can grow the plants using four feet of space since they behave like sisters; they assist each other grow faster.

Amish Poor Man’s Steak – A long-lasting dish from the people who live without electricity year-round

The poor man’s steak comes from Amish people, who are known to be experts when it comes to living life without electrical power.

It is a protein-rich dish, and just like the name infers, it can be made by anyone because it is affordable.

The “Wind-Swept Superfood” That You Can Dry Outside

Another food you will discover in the Lost Superfoods book comes from the plains of Mongolia. It is a distinctive dish made of boiled and dried curds that are used by herders to preserve milk from their animals.

Mountain Men’s Favorite Dish During The 18th Century

The Mountaineer’s Tuna Stroganoff can be said to be among the most satisfying survival foods that were ever to be created. This recipe contains long-lasting ingredients and canned tuna.

What To Do With ALL Your Frozen Food Once The Power Goes Out

The next thing you are going to learn is what you should do with all your food once the power has gone out. Many people throw away hundreds of pounds of lifesaving meals when blackouts occur. The book will teach you what you should do with it immediately after the power has gone out.

What Happens When You Put Raw Beef Over A Dead Fire

The book will also teach you why our ancestors would hang slabs of beef over a dead fire. The lingering smoke and low heat make for a perfect natural dehydrator and smokehouse.

How To Make Fruit Leather To Add Vitamins to Your Stockpile

This will guide you on making fruit leather, a long-lasting solution to keep all your fruits from going bad.

The Most Delicious Canned Marinara Sauce That Every Stockpile Needs

A recipe for the dehydrated marinara sauce that is able to bring intense flavor to even the dishes known to be most boring. By storing a few jars of the sauce in your pantry, no food will seem boring ever again.

How Our Grandparents Preserved Half A Pig For A Whole Year

The next thing the book will teach you is how ancestors preserved half a pig for a whole year without refrigeration.

The “Glass Jar” Method That Will Allow You to Store Jerky and Biltong

The book also reveals the glass jar method that will let you store biltong; an African equivalent of jerky. This method will keep the meat’s nutrients, texture, and flavor intact.

The Long-Lasting Chili Bean Soup That Will Raise Spirits even in The Darkest Hour

You will learn the unique recipe for a dehydrated chili bean soup that lasts very long and is incredibly satisfying.

The 2400 Calorie DIY Survival Bar You Should Add to Your Supplies

You will learn how the best way to acquire the most calories while using the least amount of weight and space.

And Over 100 Other Survival Foods and Forgotten Preservation Methods That You Can Choose From and Add To Your Stockpile

You will find out how you can feed yourself for a month while spending only $100 on groceries.

The Lost Superfoods Book Benefits

Something may go wrong with nuclear weapons in our possession and climate change hovering over our necks, and this is a real possibility. If you find yourself in this scenario, believe me when I say that this $37 book will be the one item you won’t regret buying.

It contains a large number of survival foods and recipes that may be easily prepared at home or obtained right outside your door. The Lost Superfoods book will also benefit you in keeping American households’ food fresh and edible for an extended period of time without the need for refrigeration.

Pros and Cons of The Lost SuperFoods Book Review


  • The book has been written in simple English. Additionally, it has picture illustrations to help you with your preparation.
  • The book contains over 100 different recipes. You will have different meals to try out depending on what you prefer.
  • The book is full of interesting info. It has the most interesting recipes you can think about.
  • It takes you through different scenarios and if you are ever faced with any problem, you are able to handle the situation better.
  • It contains several o forgotten foods that would be crucial in the time of need, as well as step-by-step instructions.
  • The Lost Superfood book is available in physical copy as well as digital format.
  • You will discover several food preservation survival techniques that don’t require the use of a refrigerator to preserve them.
  • It comes with full-colored images of all of the instructions and recipes available inside the Lost Superfoods book, which will make it easier to grasp.
  • It is easily readable since the font size used in the books is appropriate and everyone can easily read it.
  • All of the included recipes have a long shelf life, a wonderful flavor, and include nutrients that are vital for your health.
  • You will also get two additional free guides with your purchase.
  • You will discover all of the superfoods that are both nutritious and tasty, and your whole family will love them as well.
  • The book has lots of different recipes. It is considered to have a great wealth of survival information.
  • The Lost Superfoods book comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Price of The Lost Superfoods PDF

The Lost Superfoods Book is only available for purchase online through the official website. It is entirely up to the individual as to what version of the copy he or she wants.

The purchasing options available are:

  • For $47 you can get access to the digital product.
  • For $47 plus $8.99 shipping and handling you can get access to the physical copy.
  • For $47 plus $8.99 shipping and handling you can have access to both physical and digital versions at the same time.
the lost superfoods

The Lost Superfoods Book PDF Free Bonus Gifts

Each purchase of the Lost Superfoods book comes with The Lost Superfoods Book PDF free bonuses to help you and your family be ready when disaster strikes.

The Lost Superfoods Book PDF free bonuses are:

Free Bonus #1: An Underground YEAR-ROUND Greenhouse in Your Backyard

The first free bonus will provide you with a better understanding of how to harvest various edible plants in your backyard, as well as the optimal time to harvest based on suitable climatic conditions. Furthermore, some of the helpful hints will assist you in gaining specific knowledge about how to cultivate valuable crops.

the lost superfoods pdf

Free Bonus #2: Projects From 1900 That Will Help You in the Next Crisis

You will get precise step-by-step instructions and methods for planting this backyard medicine as well as information on how to properly hydrate the plant in this freebie. In addition, you will be able to grow these crops in your own backyard garden.

the lost superfoods pdf free

Is The Lost Superfoods Book Amazon Available?

No, the Lost Superfoods book is not available on Amazon, Walmart, or any other online store. It is only available for purchase online through the official website. The reason for this is because the author Art Rude wants to protect his potential customers from the Lost Superfoods book scam.

The Lost Superfoods Book Refund Policy

Each purchase of the Lost Superfoods guide made through the official website is backed by an iron-clad 60-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can try the book risk-free for 60 days and if for any reason you feel that it doesn’t worth your money you can contact the customer service team and request a full refund. No questions asked.

For any questions or concerns regarding the book, you contact the company directly at:

  • Email:

The Lost Superfoods Book Reviews Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the Lost Superfoods: book reviews frequently asked questions

Q: What is The Lost Superfoods Book?

A: The Lost SuperFoods is a survival book containing 270 pages of unique resources where users are able to learn different methods and great recipes focusing on sharing foods that are very healthy, nutrient-rich, and shelf-preservable. This book is available for anyone, regardless of whether you are lacking any prior stockpiling or cooking experience.

Q: Are The Recipes Inside The Lost Superfoods Book Time-Consuming?

A: No, not at all! In order to expedite the cooking process, Art claims to have given clear instructions, baking times, and other necessary information.

Q: What Makes The Lost SuperFoods Book Better Than Other Survival Books?

A: The Lost Superfoods book stands out from the competition for its special ability to focus on foods that are able to last a very long time without requiring to be refrigerated. This has made the book an essential resource for crisis nutrition instead of all the other survival books that are known to teach people only how cooking should be done.

Q: Is The Lost Superfoods Book Available In a Physical Copy?

A: Yes it is! Both digital and physical copies of The Lost Superfoods book are available.

Q: How long Will It Take For Me To Receive My Copy of The Lost Superfoods Book?

A: The actual copy of The Lost Superfoods might take anywhere between 5 and 10 business days to arrive at your doorstep, depending on your location. Please keep in mind that this timetable doesn’t account for any unexpected delays and/or service interruptions.

Q: What If The Lost Superfoods Isn’t For Me?

A: If for any reason The Lost Superfoods book does not live up to your expectations, you can contact the customer service team via email within 60 days of purchase and request a full refund of your money. No questions asked.

The Lost Superfoods Review – Final Verdict

The Lost SuperFoods book is a complete guide that, in the end, either appeals to the survivalist in all of us or has the potential to awaken the survivalist inside each of us. Given the information we’ve acquired, this book has been written in order to help everyone prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Frequently, the worst-case scenario involves food and/or utility shortages that might last for months or even years. The uniqueness of this book, in contrast to other similar ones, is in the perspectives and experiences of survivors who have lived through war zones, epidemics, and chaos, but from the viewpoint of food and eating habits.

The Lost SuperFoods book is a straightforward guide that contains 270 pages of information on foods that have survived the test of time and might therefore be beneficial in the future.

Visit the official website and try The Lost Superfoods Book risk-free for 60 days!

the lost superfoods book review




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